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Kenya is a country located on the east coast of Africa, which borders with Ethiopia, South Sudan, Tanzania, Uganda and Somalia and is right on the Indian Ocean.


Villa Waridi

The Villa was built in the 90s and reconditioned in 2014 and it's a typical african-styled Villa which is surrounded by a lush tropical garden and has a beautiful swimmingpool.


The Rooms

All Villa Waridi sooms are equipped with air conditioning, fan, bathroom with shower, safety deposit box and mosquito net for the beds.


Temperature and climate

The climate, warm and humid on the coastal areas, is more temperate and dry in the countryside and at lower altitudes. The rainy season is divided into two periods from march to may...


The coastDetails

The Kenyan coast , along the Indian Ocean , is 536 km long and has a trend southwest - northeast. The coast is rich in coral reefs - notable those of Malindi , Watamu and Shimo la Tewa - and sandy beaches to the south . Along the banks there are forests with a rich biological heritage . The coast are made ​​up of native land , with strong presence of ancient coral reefs , and with a regular slope that rises to the inside .
(Translated from: Wikipedia)

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Tourists visaDettagli

The tourist visa for Kenya can be obtained on arrival in the country, at the airport and at the border crossing points. The duration of the visa varies from one to three months and can be extended to six months. You can also apply for a visa at the embassy in Rome. In any case you need to submit the documents listed below , and if you require a visa before departure if you request it upon arrival in Kenya.
Release times at the embassy : 24 hours